Dear Friends,

With a nod to the past and an eye toward the future, I am closing the doors of Hopple Popple and opening new windows at the end of the year. 

My colleagues have made my job both worthwhile and rewarding. They have embraced our unique style of planning; they are steadfast, loyal and superb at their jobs. I have taught them everything I have learned over the years, mostly work-related, but life lessons as well. In turn, they have taught me quite a bit, and have made me keenly aware of what I don't know, especially in the areas of I.T. and social media! 

My clients have made my professional journey incredibly joyous and fulfilling. It has been their excitement, loyalty and friendship which has propelled me over the years. They have invited me and my colleagues into their lives, and I am grateful to have shared so many of life's precious moments with them. 

I'm excited to embrace the next chapter of my life, which will include a continued presence in event planning as well as the pursuit of other interests.

Fast-forward to 2019! 

It is with great pride and anticipation that I share the contact information of my Hopple Popple colleagues who have launched new and exciting event planning entities. I encourage you to take a look at their websites, each highlighting and showcasing their specific type of work. Click on their logos to learn more about their new ventures. 

As always, please feel free to contact me for information, further details or just to touch base! 

Warm Regards,

Linda Matzkin | (617) 851-1551 | new email!